Curriculum Course Undergraduate Interaction Employment Prospects Admissions

We perform a screening process for general applicants, persons with prior working experience, and international students in each year.

General Selection

We evaluate applicants on the basis of a written and oral examination, and on the submission of application documents.

Applicants with Prior Working Experience

Our door is open to applicants with working experience. We applaud lifelong learning and reentry into academic life.
These applicants will be judged by their submission of essays and application documents, along with the taking of an oral examination.

* International Students

Foreign students will be accepted based on high written and oral examination scores, and on the submission of application documents.

Graduates from non-medical programs are also invited to apply for admission. For more detailed information about admissions procedures and qualifications, it is suggested that the applicant check the official guidebook or contact the Graduate School Faculty directly. (E-mail:

Enrollment Limits

Course Prospective Enrollment
Molecular and Cellular Medicine :22
Biological Functions and Medical Control :37
Community Disease Control :14
Oral Life Science :28
Total :105

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