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Four courses, which are divided into sixteen departments, are offered. We invite the participation of academic and clinical researchers whose studies overlap in between two to eight areas.

Molecular and Cellular Medicine

This course aims to provide its students with opportunities for analyzing life structures such as Molecular and Cellular Biology. It also aids in the acquisition of knowledge of diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and diabetes.
(1) Molecular Genetics:
Molecular Biology , Molecular Pharmacology , Molecular and Diagnostic Pathology , Hepatobiliary Oncology , Molecular Psychiatry , Surgical Oncology , Radiation Oncology , Obstetrics and Gynecology , Mucosa Regenerative Surgery

(2) Signal Transduction Research:
Molecular and Cellular Biology , Pharmacology , Molecular Oncology , Cellular Pharmacology

(3) Cellular Function:
Microscopic Anatomy and Bio-imaging , Molecular and Functional Pathology , Cellular and Molecular Pathology , Gastroenterology and Hepatology , Dermatology , Reproductive Medicine.

(4) Molecular Neuroscience and Brain Diseases:
Molecular Neurobiology , Cellular Neurobiology , Molecular Neuropathology , Neurosurgery , Neurology , Comparative and Experimental Medicine.

Biological Functions and Medical Control

We analyze the whole range of human organic functions, which will enable the correction of malfunctions. We also intend to contribute advances in diagnosis and treatment in cooperation with our corporate partners.
(1) Homeostatic Regulation and Development:
Body Fluid Physiology , Endocrinology and Metabolism , Clinical Nephrology and Rheumatology , Respiratory Medicine , Pediatrics.

(2) Cardiovascular and Vital Control:
Cardiology , Pathomorphology , Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery , Anesthesiology , Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.

(3) Regenerative and Transplant Medicine:
Gross Anatomy and Morphogenesis , Organ Physiology , Hematology , Bio-systemic Gastroenterology , Digestive and General Surgery , Pediatric Surgery , Orthopedic Surgery , Urology.

(4) Sensory and Integrative Medicine:
Neurobiology and Anatomy , Integrative Physiology , Psychiatry , Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences , Otolaryngology , Functional Imaging , Chemoreception Science.

(5) Nephrology:
Structural Pathology , Cell Biology , Cellular Physiology.

(6) Functional Neuroscience:
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery , Neurophysiology , Neuropathology , Integrated Neuroscience.

Community Disease Control

This course seeks to study the science of infectious molecular disease and also to advance corporate medical care in Asia, especially in surrounding the Sea of Japan. We also aim for contributions of medical services in response to the further development of aging and information - oriented society.
(1) Infectious Disease Control and International Medicine:
Bacteriology , Virology , Public Health , Immunology and Zoology , Infection Control and Prevention , Gastroenterological Infection.

(2) Community Preventive Medicine:
Social and Environmental Medicine , Health Promotion , Legal Medicine , Child Health , Rehabilitation Medicine , Clinical Preventive Medicine .

(3) Medical Informatics and Pharmaceutics:
Medical Evaluatics , Information Science and Biostatistics.

Oral Life Science

In this course, we aim at patient comfort in such functions as eating, drinking, speaking and expressing themselves without any stress. We strive to guide the development of oral life science in a rapidly aging society.
(1) Oral Health Science:
Oral Ecology in Health and Infection , Dental Biomaterial Science , Cell Physiology , Cariology , Preventive Dentistry , Pediatric Dentistry , Oral Health in Aging and Fixed Prosthodontics , Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

(2) Oral Biological Science:
Oral Anatomy , Oral Physiology , Orthodontics , Dysphagia Rehabilitation , Head and Neck Surgery , Anesthesiology and Pain Control , Periodontology , Developmental Biology.

(3) Tissue Regeneration and Reconstruction:
Anatomy and Cell Biology of the Hard Tissue , Biochemistry , Cell Biology and Molecular Pharmacology , Remobable Prosthodontics , Oral Pathology , Reconstructive Surgery for Oral and Maxillofacial Region , Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology , Dental Anesthesiology .

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