Curriculum Course Undergraduate Interaction Employment Prospects Admissions

Many of our graduates work for medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics. In addition, many graduates go on to medical, dental, and pharmaceutical research and educational institutions, aside from some going into the general field of education. There is also an opportunity to work for private enterprises such as pharmaceutical companies.

* Graduates of Molecular and Cellular Medicine have a wide range of opportunities to work for medical institutions, educational facilities, and private companies. Highly qualified researchers in this field are in great demand.

* Many of the graduates of Biological and Medical Control hold practices in advanced medical fields or community treatment. A few do private research in the field of Systematic Medicine.

* Graduates of Community Disease Control have always been held in high esteem as leaders in local medical treatment and health activities. Others work for government and municipal offices, international organizations such as the WHO and UNICEF. Others are employed by companies affiliated with industrial and international health care in order to conduct checks on health conditions. Still others work for insurance companies.

* Graduates of Oral Life Science work for dental medical facilities, educational and research institutions, the Ministry of Health and Labor, prefectural offices and private companies.

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