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Medical care should respond to a wide range of needs
  • Advanced medical technology benefiting as many people as possible
  • Emotional needs and ethical views of patients and their families
  • Environmental stress affecting patients
  • Changes in the social structure in which fewer young people support the growing number of elders

  • A new graduate school is essential to design new approaches to solve the medical needs of modern society. So we adhere to the following three objectives:
    1. Developing research skills by putting together an interdisciplinary team of researchers performing leading advanced life sciences, such as neuroscience and biotechnology.

    2. Cultivating broad understanding of medical and life sciences to facilitate joint studies between basic and clinical researchers. This should be done in order to open a new clinical means to save people from incurable diseases.

    3. Advanced professional training for physicians and surgeons who provide modern technologies and knowledge in both the medical field and its affiliated fields.

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