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A. Ongoing interdisciplinary education and research

We strive to guide the interdisciplinary work of students studying advanced life sciences based on cooperation between other departments and courses. We also facilitate connections with other related courses such as Life Ethics, Medical Morals, Medical Economics, Medical Technology and Life Information.

B. Flexibility with various medical problems

  • Inviting the further participation of academic and clinical partners in order to transcend the structure of consultation and the solving of increasing medical problems
  • The demonstration of comprehensive research will be applied to advanced medical treatment, for the benefit of society
  • Opening up new medical frontiers in diagnostic method, medical treatment and preventive medicine

  • C. The application of strategic research projects

    Carrying on strategic projects when interdisciplinary research is necessary, such as:
    1. Academic Study
    2. Applied Study
    3. Miscellaneous projects such as medical education, research guidelines, and teacher's appraisal systems

  • The programs are to be evaluated every five years. The outcome of the projects will provide medical and dental students with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which will help them to participate in advanced research, thus enabling them to play an active role worldwide.
  • Postdoctoral students are encouraged to participate.

  • D. The enrichment of lifelong education

    We aim to perform our duty towards lifelong learning by accepting students with working experience and also students from the College of Broadcast, located within Niigata University.

    E. The employment of a superbly gifted faculty

  • We accomplish to transcend the vertical faculty and division structures in order to promote forward-looking intellectual activities.
  • The revitalization of our faculty is attained through conducting the tenure of office and a complete instructors' evaluation, so that we can employ young researchers with successful records.

  • F. Our duty as a university dedicated to regional service

  • Under dynamic management, we contribute to progress in the advanced life sciences, the outcome of which is recognized not only in Japan but also throughout the world.
  • As a traditional community-oriented university, which is a leader in the field of medicine, we strive to serve the community by applying healthcare solutions to each patient.

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